Do I need a permit? Yes. In order to start practicing to drive, a student needs to have a permit on-hand.
Do you have a pick-up service from our home? No. Students are required to come to our vicinity each time for lessons and road tests. Please check the pick-up locations section above to see it may suit your convenience.
In what languages are your services available? We are bilingual in English and Chinese: Mandarin and Cantonese.
Do you have a lesson cancellation policy? Yes. No-shows and appointment cancellations within 24 hours prior to, are subjected to a $15* penalty per driving lesson. To avoid this charge, please cancel or reschedule before the 24-hour period.

Why Choose a Professional Trainer?
Quality Schools

Driving schools have qualified professional trainers who are regulated by the Taxi Services Commission (TSC). This is a reassurance to clients that the Trainers have been professionally trained, certified medically fit, have gone through a probity (police) check and have a valid Working With Children Card. You must feel comfortable with the style of instruction and communication offered and be confident of the Trainer’s competency.

Some Questions You Should Ask When Contacting a Driving School

Does the Instructor have a current Driving Instructor Licence (DIA)? You can check the status by entering the Instructor’s Authority number on the TSC’s Public Register.
Are they an ADTA Member? If so, they must adhere to the ADTA Code of Practice.
What course guidelines does the school have?
Are the lesson plans structured?
Do they have any supporting education materials to give the student?
Do they offer a system of reporting progress to parents?
Do they have a curriculum for teaching ‘Low Risk’ (Hazard Awareness) driving?
Can they provide guidance to parents, particularly about their role as supervising drivers?
Are they accredited to provide the Keys2drive program where you receive a free Government-funded lesson when the supervising driver attends?
Is the training one-to-one (not three in a car)?
Can they provide an Instructor sensitive to the needs of the learner? (Some people may be nervous, lack confidence or prefer a choice of male or female instructor.)
What type of vehicle is offered – auto or manual? Large or small?
Is the car fitted with dual-controls?
How flexible will they be – will they change their pick-up and drop-off points to suit school, work or home?
What happens if you need to cancel a lesson? How much notice is required to receive a full refund?
What happens in the event of an accident? Is the car fully insured?
Do they have public liability & professional indemnity insurance?
What is the duration and cost of each lesson?

How Can Trainers Help?

Members of the public can draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience from Professional Trainers who provide quality instruction.
They are able to ensure that you don’t pick up bad habits and that you feel competent in every manoeuvre you make. Most importantly, the Trainers teach learner drivers how to drive safely, NOT just how to pass a drive test.
They can also take the hassle out of the teaching process by providing a combination of a flexible schedule which may include driving (day and night) in all weather conditions and provide cars equipped for the teaching process.
They can help overcome the worry that many parents feel when it comes to teaching a learner to drive.
Providing a stress-free, comfortable learning environment is important for young drivers and this is where ADTA Professional Trainers can be of benefit.

ADTA (Victoria) Members

Trainers who are members of the ADTA provide professional driving tuition as an investment for a lifetime of safe motoring by equipping novice drivers with skills and awareness training enabling them to be better prepared, competent, safe new drivers. ADTAV’s motto is “Safe Drivers for Life”.
They adhere to a Code of Practice which requires them to operate professionally.
They are sensitive to the needs of learners and have the training and ability to ensure special needs are accommodated.
They not only ensure the learner driver learns to drive safely and responsibly but also prepares the learner for the Hazard Perception Test and driving test.
Being a Driver Trainer is no easy task. Candidates are required to submit themselves to police and medical checks, a rigorous and demanding training course covering both theoretical and practical training and education concentrating on teaching skills, road rules and regulations and the psychology of driving.